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Mediaboss is the reference site in  social media, social networks and financial investment in 2022.

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The site was launched in November 2021 and aims to become the French-speaking reference for social media, social networks and finance.


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Alice is the founder of Mediaboss.

Passionate about social networksShe assists many companies in their social media strategy, instant messaging, investment, cryptocurrencies...

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Each article on Mediaboss is the subject of in-depth research (articles, websites, books, forums, etc.) and real-life tests.

Mediaboss is totally independent and not dependent on any private group or company.

Each article is regularly corrected, updated and upgraded according to changes in the various social networks and applications tested.

However, if you find any errors or typos in the content, or if you have any feedback, you can write an email to [email protected] .

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