How to Unblock "Too Many Attempts" on Telegram?

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Did you see the mistake? Too many attempts" on Telegram in 2022?

Or the following message: "Too many attempts. Please try again later"..

This error can happen regularly when you are too active on Telegram and you put a lot of strain on the Telegram servers.

Or when you try to connect to Telegram several times in a row without success

Telegram (and all messaging tools or social networks) have security measures in place to combat bots or users who are too active on their platform.

This is why you may sometimes see this "Too many attempts" error appear on Telegram.

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This error is visible on all media: iPhone (iOS), Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Realme...), PC and Mac...

In this article, you will find out how to unblock the "Too many attempts. Please try again later" on Telegram in 2022.

Article updated in May 2022.


Why 'Too many attempts' is appearing on Telegram in 2022 (4 main reasons)

too many telegrams


There are various reasons for the "Too many attempts" error message on Telegram in 2022.

These are the 4 main causes of error :

  1. You log in and out too often of the Telegram application on your iPhone or Android.
  2. You enter a bad username, password or verification code more than 5 times when attempting to log in to Telegram.
  3.  You write and send too many messages (+20) in a short period of time, almost impossible to achieve by a human.
  4. Your Telegram account is targeted by reporting or complaints about spam from one or more Telegram users.

And here's how to solve this error on Telegram:


How to solve "Too many attempts" on Telegram in 2022?

To resolve the "Too many attempts" error on Telegram 2022, try these 3 methods Uninstall and reinstall the Telegram application, change your IP address, and wait 24 hours.

The safest way is towait approximately 24 hours before reconnecting and use Telegram.

However, you may be pressed to get your Telegram access back?

Indeed, Telegram has set up a security counter that measures the number of times you have tried to connect or exchange on Telegram.

If you make too many attempts in a short period of time (a few minutes), Telegram will automatically block you.

You must therefore wait for this safety counter to reset.

If you want to solve the error more quickly, here is 3 different methods to unblock the "Too many attempts" error in 2022:


1. Uninstall and reinstall the Telegram application on iPhone or Android

uninstall telegram


1. Uninstall, then reinstall Telegram via App Store or Google Play Store

First method if you want to quickly solve the "Too many attempts" error on Telegram: uninstall the Telegram mobile application from your iPhone or Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Realme...).

On Android or iPhone, press and hold the Telegram icon (white plane on a blue background), and a small window will open.

Then select "Uninstall". to uninstall Telegram.

Uninstall Telegram allows you to delete all Telegram data and cache on your phone.

As a bonus you gain storage memory 🙂

Then you reinstall the Telegram application by going to the store: Apple Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Search for "Telegram" and then select "Install

install telegram


Install the Telegram application from your application store  

Once you have installed the Telegram application, open it and connect to your Telegram account with your phone number.

You must validate your phone number by receiving an authentication code via SMS.

Enter this code and validate.

2 possible outcomes:

  • You are connected and Telegram works normally. You can send messages without any problems. Congratulations! You have succeeded, you have solved the error by uninstalling/reinstalling Telegram
  • If you see "Too many attempts" on Telegram again, this method does not work.

If that didn't work, move on to the next method which is to change the IP address of your iPhone or Android.


2. Change your IP address on iPhone or Android

change ip iphone or android


2. Change the IP address of your iPhone or Android by unplugging and replugging the power supply of your internet box or telecom router

The second possible way to resolve the "Too many attempts" error is to change the IP address of your iPhone or Android.

It's easy to do: you disconnect and reconnect the power supply (the socket) of your internet box (router).

Unplugging and replugging your box will allow you to reset and change the IP address of your internet box and therefore of your phone.

By changing your IP address, it is possible that Telegram thinks you are a new user and therefore lets you reconnect easily.

Another way to change IP is to switch between Wifi and 4G connection from your iPhone or Android :

  • if you are on 4G, switch to Wifi and try to connect to Telegram again
  • if you are on Wifi, switch to 4G...

After changing your IP, reconnect to Telegram.

Normally the "Too many attempts" message should have disappeared and you can log in normally.

If not, there is a third and final solution: be patient!


3. Wait about 24 hours

telegram too many attempts wait 24 hours


3. Wait about 24 hours (official source: Telegram)

Finally the 3rd and last method which works at 99% when the other solutions do not work.

Wait 24 hours so that the security counter at Telegram resets.

After this 24-hour period, you can try to connect and send messages again.

Normally the "Too many attempts" error should no longer appear.

Do not attempt to reconnect during these 24 hours.

Because each time the "Too many attempts" error is displayed, the counter is reset to 0 and you have to wait 24 hours again!

This method is not the fastest if you are in a hurry to find your Telegram account, but it is the the most reliable solution.

Well done! You should now be able to solve the "Too many attempts" error on Telegram in 2022.



When you see the error "Too many attempts" on Telegram you have 3 possible solutions:

1. Uninstall and reinstall the Telegram application on your iPhone or Android

2. Change the IP address of your phone before trying again

3. Wait 24 hours without trying to contact you in Telegram and then reconnect

A only solution can work.

By trying the 3 methods above, you are sure to solve your problem.

Good conversations on Telegram 😉


Other questions asked about Telegram in 2022

How do you know if you are blocked on Telegram in 2022?

To find out if you are blocked on Telegram in 2022: open a conversation with the person you are talking to and send them a message.

If you don't see 2 blue ticks (confirm sending + receiving the message), then it is possible that your contact will block you.

  • 1 blue tick = message sent
  • 2 blue ticks = message sent AND read by your Telegram contact


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