The 3 Best Platforms For Computer Freelancers

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You are a company with search for an IT freelancer in 2022?

Are you an IT freelancer yourself?

In short, you are looking for best IT freelance platforms?

Don't move, we have selected for you the 3 best platforms for IT freelancers in 2022.

Article updated in November 2022.

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What is the best IT freelance platform in 2022?

The best IT freelance platform in 2022 is .

If you are a company, you will find your happiness among more than 120 000 freelancers registered in 2022 on the Freelance Informatique platform.

And if you are an IT freelancer, you will certainly find an active assignment among the +2,000 assignments offered by companies.

Now discover the alternatives to Freelance Informatique with our ranking of the AA best platforms for IT freelancing in 2022:

Top 3 best platforms for IT freelancers (2022)

We have selected for you the 3 best platforms for IT freelancers in 2022 :

1. Freelance IT



With over 121,000 IT freelance profiles registered on the platform, Freelance Informatique is the French leader in IT freelance platforms.

Company, Freelance Informatique connects you with best IT freelancers IT, digital transformation, IS, cybersecurity...

Freelance Informatique takes care of the matching by pushing your job offer to the most suitable freelancers.

And it's all done without intermediaries and without commission for you.

You contract directly and freely with the chosen freelancer.

And for IT freelancers, it's completely free! 

Creation of your freelance account, access to posted assignments, major accounts...



platform-freelance-informatics-Find-a-freelance-available is our second choice for a freelance IT platform.

You can easily find available freelancers.

It's simple, fast and free!

It is an excellent complement to the Freelance Informatique platform...

3. Malt




Finally in 3rd position in our ranking of the best platforms for IT freelancers, Malt!

Malt perfectly complements the offerings of Freelance Informatique and to find IT freelancers.

You can easily find IT experts on Malt.

Famous companies use Malt's services: Criteo, Biogen, TotalEnergies, Eurosport...



Here you have a nice list of the 3 best platforms for IT freelancers in 2022.

Do not hesitate to contact us contact to modify or complete this top freelance IT platforms.

Or if you wish to collaborate with Mediaboss: advertising, links, partnership...

Anything is possible, we are at your disposal 🙂


Other questions asked about platforms for IT freelancers :


Where to find IT freelance assignments in 2022?

You can find IT freelance jobs on +12 platforms in 2022:

  1. Freelance IT
  3. Malt
  4. La Crème de la Crème
  5. Upwork
  6. Fiverr
  7. The Owl
  8. FreelanceRepublik
  9. ComeUp (ex
  10. Yoss
  11. Kang

And check out our Top 3 IT freelance platforms above.


How to be an IT freelancer in 2022?

To be an IT freelancer in 2022, you need to meet 3 conditions:

  1. Strong skills in one or more IT areas: development, data, cybersecurity...etc
  2. A network to find customers (companies) who have IT needs
  3. A legal status in order to invoice your clients: microenterprise (ex autoentreprise), SARL, SAS, wage portage...

And you're off to become an IT freelancer!


What is a Freelance Platform in 2022?

A Freelance Platform in 2022 is a website (and/or a mobile application) that connects 2 actors:

  • Freelancers who offer their services in a given sector (e.g. IT) = Offer
  • Companies that have needs and assignments to offer = Demand

The freelance platform allows to centralise, secure and frame the exchanges between freelancers and companies.

Generally, the freelance platform is paid either through the sale of subscriptions or a commission on contracts between freelancers and companies.



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