How to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen?

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You want to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen?

Leave a WhatsApp group without being discovered?

How to stop seeing a WhatsApp group on your mobile application?

This is perfectly understandable!

You have the right not to follow all the WhatsApp groups you are invited to;

Tired of being pestered on WhatsApp with groups that don't interest you or no longer?

Don't worry, we have the solution!

It is simple and free.

Bonus: no one will notice that you have left the WhatsApp group!

Excellent, isn't it?

So let's see how to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen in 2022, on Android and iPhone / iOS.

WhatsApp is a mobile instant messaging application that allows you to exchange messages with your contacts, family, friends...

WhatsApp also allows you to create groups to exchange messages between several people.

Note that WhatsApp has existed since 2009 and has been owned by Facebook / Meta since February 2014.

Pre-requisites: you must have theWhatsApp application installed and configured on your Android or Iphone phone.

In this guide we will look at the 5 steps to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen :

 Article updated in January 2022


How to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen in 2022?

To leave a WhatsApp group without being seen, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application
  2. Search for the group to be left and select it
  3. Click on the "silent mode" button (crossed out speaker icon)
  4. Choose "Always" and click OK
  5. Select the group again, then click on the "Archive" button (Suitcase icon)

We will now look at the 5 detailed steps to help you ignore a WhatsApp group of your choice:


1: Open your WhatsApp application on Android or iPhone



Open your WhatsApp application on your phone

First, take your phone and open your WhatsApp mobile application.

Note that this tip works on all phones Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme, Oppo...) and iPhone (iOS).

Once you have opened your WhatsApp application, go to step 2.


2: Select the WhatsApp group you want to leave by tapping it



Select the WhatsApp group you want to leave by tapping it

Secondly, in the Discussions tab of your WhatsApp application ("DISC." in the top left corner), you have to search for the group you want to leave without being seen.

Once found, you select it by pressing and holding.

A small window opens at the top of your screen with 3 icons: Pin, Silent mode and Archive.

Then go to step 3.


3: click on the "silent mode" button (crossed-out speaker icon) at the top right



Click on the "silent mode" button at the top right

Third step, in the new window that just opened, click on the second button (a crossed out speaker) to set the WhatsApp group to silent mode.

The silent mode on WhatsApp allows you to stop notifications (sounds) of the targeted conversation.

By clicking on the group's mute button, you will be able to choose how long you want to stop notifications from this group.

A new window opens "Notifications in silent mode during...".

Go to step four:


4: choose "Always" and click OK



Select "Always" > OK

In the fourth step, in the "Silent Notifications during..." window, select "Silent Notifications during...". Always" .

This will allow you to mute the group you want to leave without anyone seeing you.

This is the first important point in our guide.

The second important point is our 5th and final step: archiving the group.


5: select the targeted WhatsApp group again and archive it



Select the group > Click on "Archive

Last step, you select again the WhatsApp group you want to leave without being seen.

The window with the 3 icons appears at the top of your screen.

This time you click on " Archive "(the 3rd "Suitcase" icon on the right).

And your group disappears in the archived WhatsApp conversations: "Archived" icon in the Discussions tab "DISC.

And there you have it!

The WhatsApp group you want to leave has disappeared from the WhatsApp archive.

And you won't be bothered by this group's notifications anymore because you have set the group's notifications to silent!

The icing on the cake is that your action is reversible !

You can go back and review the WhatsApp group in your main screen (DISC.).

Go to DISC. > Archived, then select the desired WhatsApp group and remove it from the archive by clicking on the suitcase at the top right of your screen.

The WhatsApp group is back in the main screen.

You can also reactivate WhatsApp notifications for the group by selecting the group > click on the "crossed out speaker" icon.

And there you have it, you have managed to see the targeted WhatsApp group again.

Like it was nothing! 🙂



You now know how to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen (2022 method).

This can be very useful to stop seeing a group on WhatsApp without the group's contacts noticing.

This is an easy way to ignore a WhatsApp group without offending your friends in the group.

And with this method, you are also able to go back and return to a WhatsApp group you have left previously.


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Other questions asked

Here are some of the questions asked about WhatsApp in 2022 :

How to block a WhatsApp group without them knowing?

To block a WhatsApp group without them knowing, disable notifications for ever (silent mode) for the group, then archive the group. 

The group disappears from the archived messages and you will no longer be bothered by notifications from the group.

For more details read the guide above on "How to leave a WhatsApp group without being seen".


Why leave a WhatsApp group?

You can leave a WhatsApp group or delete a WhatsApp group.

Leaving a WhatsApp group can be done without anyone noticing and most importantly you can come back to it whenever you want (see the guide above).

Delete a WhatsApp group means that you leave it permanently with no possibility of returning.

Unless invited by a group administrator.


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