Waze Bug In 2023? My 3 Steps to Solve It

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Why Waze bug today (2022)?

Is it Waze is down now?

How do I know if Waze is currently down?


The last known Waze bugs in 2022:

  • to be completed


Don't panic, I have the answer to your questions!

Let's check together point by point if Waze is down or has a problem.

Especially if it's Waze's fault or if it's a problem on your iPhone or Android in particular.

Article updated in November 2022.

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Why is Waze bugging today (2022)?

Waze bug now (2022) for 3 possible causes :

1. Waze servers are experiencing a global or local problem

2. Your internet connection has a problem

3. Your Waze bug mobile application (iPhone or Android)

We will check these different points together to determine the cause of this Waze bug.

This is my detailed 3-step guide (with screenshots) on how to fix your Waze bug:


What to do if Waze bugs in 2022 (3 actions)

If Waze bugs in 2022, here are the 3 actions to follow in order to understand and solve the Waze bug :

1. Check if Waze bugs with these 3 websites (with urls)

2. Check the quality of your internet connection (Wifi or 4G)

3. Uninstall and reinstall the Waze mobile application (iPhone or Android)

Let's see in this detailed guide, the different ways to see if Waze is down and how to fix Waze bugs (with links and screenshots) :


1. Check if Waze bugs with these 3 websites (with urls)

Step one: check that the fault or bug does not come from Waze itself.

Sometimes, even if it is rare, the servers of social networks (Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook...) are down.

I suggest you visit 3 sites Internet that centralize and detect Waze failures through users:


A. Go to the Downdetector site under Waze (+link)




The first site that detects Waze failures and bugs is Downdetector.

Go directly to the Downdetector site under the "Waze" heading at the following url


On this page you will see if the current user reports indicate a problem or not on Waze in 2022.

You will also see all Waze failures reported in the last 24 hours in the form of a graph.

This is where you can also report if you have a problemWaze users to warn other Waze users (like you).


B. Also go to the Istheservicedown site under Waze (+link)




Second site to visit in case of a Waze bug: Istheservicedown.

Go directly to the following url to see if there is a problem with Waze:


Once you open the Waze page, you will also see if Waze is currently experiencing problems.

And a graph of the problems on Waze in the last 24 hours.

These two services are based on reports and declarations from Waze users on bugs or failures encountered.


C. Go to Waze.com and search for "Waze down" or "Waze down




Third site to check if Waze is down at the server level: Waze.com

Open your internet browser: Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox...

Go to the Waze website at the "Explore" url :


or open your Waze mobile application on iPhone (iOS) or Android.

Then search for the keywords "Waze down", "Waze down", or#WazeDown "To see if other users are also complaining about Waze problems on Waze.

Complete with a visit to the official Waze profile:


It is possible that Waze will report a possible failure or bug.

With the help of these 3 different sites, you will have a good idea if the bug is related to Waze directly or if it is a problem on your iPhone (or Android).

If you notice that other Waze users are having problems, there is only one solution: wait for Waze to fix its problem.

If no one else has a problem on Twitter, then you should fix the Waze bug on your iPhone or Android.

Let's look at other solutions to solve a Waze bug in 2022:


2. Check the quality of your internet connection (Wifi or 4G)


twitter pc bug


One of the bugs sometimes encountered on WazeIf you have a problem with your iPhone or Android, it is the lack of an internet connection (or a bad connection).

Think about check that you are connected to the internet via your Wifi or 4G connection: your Wifi or mobile data (4G) must be activated.

Try each of the possible connections: first Wifi only, then 4G only.

Once connected to the internet, check the quality of your connection by going to test your flow on the Degrouptest website for example:




Click on "Launch the speedtest, activate geolocation and look at the results of the flow test.

If the speed is several MB per second, then the result is good. You don't have to worry about the internet connection.

If the speed is low or close to 0, then your internet connection has a problem.

In this case, switch between Wifi and 4G connection (and vice versa). Then test the flow again.

Do not hesitate to restart or unplug/plug the power supply of your internet box.

In short, you need a good internet connection to access Waze!

If the internet connection is good and Waze is still buggy, then go to the next step:


3. Uninstall and reinstall the Waze mobile application (iPhone or Android)




Another solution to test: uninstall and reinstall the Waze application on your phone.

The method works on iPhone (iOS) and Android Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Realme...

- On iPhoneTo uninstall Waze: press and hold theWaze application > Uninstall.

- On AndroidTo uninstall Waze: press and hold the Waze icon > Uninstall.

Once the Waze application is uninstalled, your phone is cleaned of all Waze data such as the cache.

This may be useful to solve the Waze bug.

Then install the Waze application again:




For install the Waze application in 2022 :

  • On iPhone / iOS: go to the App Store > Search for Waze > Install
  • On Android Go to your Google Play Store > Search for Waze > Install

Then log into your Waze account with your phone number or email.

Validate with the code reception by SMS.

Normally the Waze 2022 bug is solved!

You must have access to all Waze features.

If this is not the case, then the Waze failure must be located at the global level and under the responsibility of Waze.

So wait until Waze fixes the bug! :/



You now know What to do in case of a Waze bug in 2022.

In this order:

1. Check the availability or outages of Waze on 3 different websites

2. Check the quality of your internet connection (Wifi or 4G)

3. Uninstall and reinstall your Waze mobile application (iPhone or Android)

By following these 3 steps, you should solve your Waze bug problem.

If not, you just have to be patient because the bug or failure may come from the Waze central servers.

This happens rarely but it is possible.

Good luck in the meantime 🙂


Do not hesitate to contact us contact if you have any comments or questions on the subject.

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