How to Make a Blur on Instagram in 2023 (4 Quick Steps)

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You are looking to make a blurred effect on your Instagram photos in 2022?

Or apply a fuzzy filter (bokeh) on your Insta posts?

I propose to explain in 4 steps quick and easy way to apply this blurred effect on your iPhone or Android.

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram has offered dozens of filters.

This is one of the most interesting and creative features of Instagram.

You can have fun with all the filters available on Instagram.

The Instagram blur filter allows you to apply a blur to the background of your photos to highlight the object or person in the foreground.

The Instagram blur filter is sometimes referred to as a " bokeh "in English.

The "bokeh" effect is a pleasant, soft blur of the background.

This is how to apply a blurred effect (or bokeh) on your Instagram posts in 2022.

Article updated in May 2022.


How to do the blur effect (or blur filter) on Instagram in 2022 (5 steps)

To do the blur effect (or blur filter) on Instagram in 2022, 4 steps to follow:

  1.  Take or select your Instagram photo in "New post".
  2.  In Filters, select "MODIFY" > Scroll to "Tilt Shift
  3. Select "Tilt Shift": Radial or Linear, then "COMPLETED".
  4. Validate on Next (=>) > Complete your Instagram publication > Confirm the publication

I suggest you detail these 5 steps in the guide below (with screenshots) to apply a blurred effect on Instagram.

This guide works for iPhone (iOS) and Android Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme.


1. Take or select your Instagram photo in "New post".

instagram blur effect


Step 1: Open your Instagram application on your iPhone (iOS) or Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Realme...).

You arrive at your Instagram news feed with all the latest posts from your friends and Instagram subscriptions.

Click on the [+] icon at the top right of your screen and then select 'Post' to create a new Instagram post.

Choose a photo from your gallery to post on Instagram or take the picture of your choice using the camera.

Once you have chosen a photo, it appears on the screen.

Click on the next arrow? at the top right of your screen.

Go to step 2:


 2. In Filters, select "MODIFY" > Scroll to "Tilt Shift

instagram blur filter


Step 2 Once you have selected your photo, you have 2 tabs at the bottom of your screen: FILTERS and EDIT.

FILTER allows you to apply a filter to your Instagram post: Normal, Clarendon, Ginham, Moon...

Please note that the bokeh filter is not found in the FILTER tab.

So select "MODIFY". to search and apply the bokeh filter on Instagram in 2022.

After clicking on MODIFY, a toolbar appears with different tools: Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Details... Tilt Shift, Sharpness...

This is where you can make many changes to your photo.

To apply the bokeh effect, go to the end of the toolbar and select "Tilt Shift".

This is the "Tilt Shift" filter that allows you to make a bokeh effect on your photo.

Then go to step 3 to choose one of the two possible blur effects:


3. Select "Tilt Shift": Radial or Linear, then "COMPLETED".

instagram blur effect iphone


Step 3 After selecting "Tilt Shift" in MODIFY, 3 options appear:

  1. Tilt Shift Off This option disables the blur effect = no blur filter.
  2. Tilt Shift Radial Radial blur: activates a radial blur effect, i.e. the blur will be concentric (round) around the main object of your photo (here it is the dish on the plate).
  3. Tilt Shift Linear Linear blur: activates the linear blur filter = the blur will be on 2 horizontal bands above and below the main object of your picture.

To apply a bokeh effect, test and choose between the 2 options: Radial or Linear.

You won't see much difference between the two options.

In this example, I choose "Radial".

Click on "FINISHED" to apply and save your blurred filter.

Then go to step 4 to publish your blurred photo:


4. Validate on Next (=>) > Complete and confirm your publication

how to do the blurred effect on instagram


Step 4 Tilt Shift: After choosing and completing the Radial or Linear Tilt Shift effect, you can

Return to the "MODIFY" screen.

You normally see your photo with the blur filter applied.

If you don't like the bokeh effect you can always turn back the clock and repeat step 3.

If you are happy with the photo, select the Next arrow => at the top right of your screen.

A new "New publication" window appears:

name instagram blur filter


In this Instagram "New Post" screen, you can complete several elements of your Instagram post:

  • Add a legend
  • Identifying people
  • Add a location
  • Boost the publication (advertise on Instagram)
  • Also publish on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr...
  • Access the advanced settings: Hide the number of likes and views on this post, Disable comments...etc

Complete these pointsand then confirm your new publication by clicking on the check mark at the top right of your screen.

And there you have it, you've managed to apply a blurred (filter) effect (bokeh) to your Instagram post!

Your Instagram photo appears on your profile with a blurred effect 🙂



You now know how to apply a blur filter on Instagram in 2022.

Note that this "Tilt Shift" blur filter is only available on Instagram Posts and not on Stories.

Indeed, the blur filter is automatically applied to Instagram Stories. No need for a filter.

Applying the bokeh effect to your Insta-postings in 2022 is simple:

  1. Choose or take a photo in "New Publication".
  2. In MODIFY find the "Tilt Shift" effect, Radial or Linear option.
  3. Validate and publish your Instagram post.

Have fun with all those Instagram filters 🙂


Other questions asked about Instagram in 2022:


What is the name of the blur filter on Instagram in 2022?

The name of the blurred filter on Instagram in 2022 is "Tilt Shift".

To apply the "Tilt Shift" effect:

  1. Choose or take your photo in "New Publication
  2. Click on MODIFY and search for "Tilt Shift".
  3. Apply Tilt Shift filter Radial or Linear option
  4. Publish your Instagram post 


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