+16 Stylish Snapchat Logos in 2023 (My Personal Selection)

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You are looking for a stylish Snapchat logo in 2022?

A neon Snapchat logo? Black? Beige? White? Black and white?

Don't move, I have selected for you the 16 best Snap logos in 2022.

Here are the 2 points covered in this guide to Snap logos:

  • What is the official Snapchat logo?
  • My list of +16 stylish Snapchat logos

Article updated in May 2022.


What is the official Snapchat logo in 2022?

The official Snapchat logo for 2022 is the Ghost logo.

The Ghost logo is available in 2 different colour versions:

1. the Snapchat Ghost logo in black and white

2. the Snapchat Ghost logo in white on yellow background

The colour codes of the Snapchat logo are as follows:

Snap Yellow #SNA001 (yellow) #FFFC00 255 – 252 – 0 0 – 0 – 95 – 0
Black #000000 0 – 0 – 0 60 – 40 – 40 – 100
White #FFFFFF 255 – 255 – 255 60 – 40 – 40 -100


Yellow is the most important colour in the Snapchat brand.

Typography: Snapchat uses the Graphik typography in 2022.

Download the official Snapchat logo in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format here:

official Snapchat logo png format

png format 150 x 150 px


official Snapchat logo png format

format 300 x 300 px


Download here the official Snapchat logo in square format of 1 024 x 1 024 pixels (png) :


Download here the official Snapchat logo in square format of 4 267 x 4 267 pixels (png size 197 kb) :


You can download the full guide and Snapchat brand guidelines at pdf format (12 pages) on this link:


The last updated version dates from March 2020.

After the official Snapchat logos, discover the most stylish Snapchat logos of 2022 through my personal selection !


My list of +16 stylish Snapchat logos in 2022

Here is my personal list of 16 stylish Snapchat logos you can use in 2022.

While browsing the internet, I collected +16 stylish logos or profile pictures.

These Snap logos can be applied to iPhone (iOS) and Android Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Realme...

Some images may be legally protected, so I invite you to verify intellectual property of each logo.

Each Snap logo is accompanied by a link to its source.

- To register a logo on your iPhone or AndroidClick and hold on the logo > Download the image

- To register the Snap logo on PC or MacMake a Right click on your mouse > Save image as... 

Whatever your internet browser: Safari, Chrome, Firexox, Edge...

And now here is my sorted list of stylish Snapchat logos (2022 version):


1. Multiple white ghost logos on yellow card

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 68 kb
  • Source : https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/abstract-background-with-snapchat-logo_5690650.htm



2. Nice black ghost logo on a pink mist background

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 279 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/637540890988179217/




3. Black ghost logo with tongue on white background

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 5 kb
  • Source : https://www.redbubble.com/fr/shop/snapchat+stickers




4. Black snap ghost logo on marble background!

  • Format: png
  • Weight: 858 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/637540890988179203/




5. White ghost logo on yellow background with drop shadow

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 13 kb
  • Source : https://davidbaptistechirot.blogspot.com/2018/07/snapchat-circle-logo-png.html




6. Stylish Snapchat logo: white on yellow and black background with circles

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 24 kb
  • Source : https://pngtree.com/freepng/snapchat-icon-logo_3560521.html



7. Black ghost logo on yellow mist (nice)

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 16 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/3237030971883364/



8. Original logo: ghost on yellow background with wheat ears

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 33 kb
  • Source : https://www.behance.net/gallery/63775411/Paper-Snapchat-Logo



9. Snap logo white ghost on pink background (girly!)

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 16 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/320037117278109011/



10. Ghost logo with white border on black background (classic!)

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 12 kb
  • Source: Pinterest



11. Stylish white Snapchat logo on beige background

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 10 kb
  • Right click + Save image as to save the logo on your device
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/855754366709792079/



12. White ghost logo on red and black smoke background (stylish!)

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 31 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/10625749112460005/



13. Classic Snap logo: white ghost on blue background

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 10 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/581949583109213580/



14. Classic Snap logo: white ghost on beige background

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 6 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/851321135823277880/



15. Stylish neon Snapchat logo

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 7 kb
  • Source : https://img.republicworld.com/republic-prod/stories/images/16006855205f6885d036873.jpg



16. Stylish neon snap logo (bis)

  • Format: jpg
  • Weight: 20 kb
  • Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/218143175691298220/




Here you have a nice list of +16 stylish Snapchat logos to use on your Snap profile or on your documents!

Remember to cite your sources when using these Snapchat logos in 2022.

And be careful about using Snapchat logos and branding on your media.

Some brands don't like to have their logo hijacked without respecting their brand guidelines!

In the future I'll be happy to add to this list and bring you new, stylish Snapchat logos on a regular basis.

For your part, do not hesitate to contact me contact if you see any cool Snapchat logos to share.


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