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What is the Discord site in 2022?

Discord is a free voice and text chat application initially designed for gamers and now used by a large number of Internet users.

Created in 2015, Discord has over 150 million monthly active users by 2022 and 300 million accounts created.

Discord is an alternative to Skype, Slack, Messenger, Microsoft Teams...etc

The application is free and offers many features such as voice chat, video chat, screen sharing and text chat.

Discord also offers group discussions and channels where users can share content.

Anyone can create a Discord server (public or private) and invite people of their choice.


Is Discord dangerous in 2022?

No, Discord is not dangerous in itself.

However, it is the use that can be made of it which can become dangerous.

Indeed, Discord is criticised for no parental controls or moderation tools to control the content shared on the application.

There have also been accusations that it is used by groups of people to harass others online.

Some countries have banned the application because they believe it is dangerous and encourages violence through its live streaming feature which allows users to watch others play games in real time.


Who is using Discord in 2022?

Discord is used by everyone who wants a complete and free communication application: friends, professionals, colleagues, players, companies, teenagers...

First Discord was used a lot in the Gaming community (video game players).

Then its use was extended to new communities: young people, professionals, friends...

Finally, Discord allows you to create a public or private space where people with similar interests can exchange.


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