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How to Recover My Blocked / Deleted / Hacked / Banned Whatsapp Account (4 Methods)

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Protect yourself on the Internet and access all your services easily with the best VPN !

You wish to get your blocked WhatsApp account back / deleted / banned / lost / stolen in 2023?

You find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Has your WhatsApp account been deleted by mistake by WhatsApp or by you?
  • Have you been banned from WhatsApp?
  • Someone has stolen or you have lost your iPhone or Android?
  • Or your WhatsApp has been hacked?

Don't worry!

It is still possible for 99% to recover your WhatsApp account in 2023.

The method applies to iPhone (iOS) and Android Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Realme...

As a reminder, WhatsApp is one of the world's most used instant messengers with almost 2 billion monthly active users.

WhatsApp has been owned by Meta (Facebook) since 2014.

In this article, I will explain my method for recovering your deleted or banned WhatsApp account in 2023:

Article updated in September 2023.

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Why your account will be blocked or banned by WhatsApp in 2023: 11 possible reasons

Your WhatsApp account may be blocked, banned or even deleted in 2023 because WhatsApp automates checks on your account and your actions (spam, robots, bots).

Why does WhatsApp tell me my number is blocked?

Here are the top 11 reasons why WhatsApp will block / ban / delete your account in 2023 :


1. You have used malware or modified versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp GB.

These programs add interesting features to WhatsApp but are considered by WhatsApp as malicious applications that violate their Terms of Service. Do not use modified versions (mods) of WhatsApp but always use the official version.


2. You have been blocked by a large number of WhatsApp users.

Indeed, everyone has the possibility to report or block someone on WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp detects that several different users are reporting or blocking you, then WhatsApp will automatically block you as it considers your behaviour inappropriate.

So avoid being reported or blocked by several users at the same time.


3. You have sent a large number of messages at the same time or in a very short period of time.

If WhatsApp records you sending multiple messages quickly, it may block you.

Especially if you send messages to people who are not in your WhatsApp Contacts.

This can be considered as spam by WhatsApp.


4. You use a tool (bot, robot...) to send mass messages.

The risk is that WhatsApp will detect it or you will be reported/blocked by other users


5. You send dangerous, malicious files, viruses via WhatsApp.

If you try to send viruses for example or corrupted files, WhatsApp detects this and can block or ban you.


6. Inappropriate behaviour or conduct

Facebook and WhatsApp are very concerned about the safety of their users, particularly in relation to online harassment and violence.

If you engage in hateful, violent, ethnic, racist or obscene behaviour, WhatsApp will most likely detect it or report/block you by other users.

You will then be blocked by WhatsApp for not respecting the Terms of Use.


7. Impersonation or creation of a false account

Beware, if you have impersonated someone else and WhatsApp finds out, your account may be deleted or banned.

The same applies if you create fake WhatsApp accounts with a fake identity. WhatsApp punishes such behaviour.

Do not use personal data (name, first name, profile picture...) of someone else on WhatsApp. They can detect this easily with their bots and security algorithms!


8. Create groups en masse and add people randomly

If WhatsApp detects that you are creating multiple WhatsApp groups en masse and you invite several unknown or random people, you risk being banned from your groups and your WhatsApp account.


9. Joining groups en masse

Same as point 8: if you join too many WhatsApp groups at the same time or in a short period of time, WhatsApp detects this and blocks you.

Take your time and behave humanely when joining WhatsApp groups


10. Send the same message to several people

If you send strictly the same message to multiple people on WhatsApp (Contacts or not), WhatsApp may detect it and block your account.

So don't use copy and paste, but rather the WhatsApp broadcast feature.


11. You have violated the WhatsApp Terms of Service

This is often the main reason: you have violated the WhatsApp Terms of Use .

This is the reason WhatsApp often gives for blocking or banning your account.

This is the simplest and most direct way for them.

My advice: read and respect these Terms of Use carefully!

Now imagine that you are blocked or banned by WhatsApp despite yourself.

Now let's see how to recover your blocked or deleted WhatsApp account in 2023 :


How to recover your blocked or deleted WhatsApp account in 2023 (4 methods)

To recover your blocked or deleted WhatsApp account in 2023, follow these 3 methods, in this order of priority:

1. Uninstall and reinstall the official WhatsApp application for iPhone or Android

2. Contact WhatsApp support

3. Change your WhatsApp number

These 3 methods work on iPhone (iOS) and Android: Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Realme...

I will now detail step by step the 3 methods to recover your WhatsApp account in 2023 (with screenshots) :


1. Uninstall and reinstall the official WhatsApp application for iPhone or Android


uninstall Whatsapp


Uninstall the WhatsApp mobile application from your iPhone or Android.


First action to take if your WhatsApp account is blocked, deleted, banned, stolen or lost:

Uninstall the WhatsApp mobile application on your iPhone or Android.

On Android Go to Settings > Application > WhatsApp > Uninstall (bottom of your screen) > Confirm removal

Or tap and hold the WhatsApp icon (white phone on green background) on your Home > Select Uninstall.

On iPhone Press and hold the WhatsApp application icon > Delete > Confirm deletion

Once the WhatsApp application is uninstalled on your phone you need to install it again:

- On Android Go to the Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp, then install WhatsApp.

- On iPhone Go to the Apple Store and search for WhatsApp, then install WhatsApp.


set up Whatsapp


Install the WhatsApp mobile application on your iPhone or Android.

After having installed WhatsApp on iPhone or AndroidOpen the application and log in with your phone number.

Important: Use the same phone number as when your WhatsApp account was deleted, blocked, hacked or banned.

If you can log in normally and send messages, then you have successfully recovered your WhatsApp account, congratulations!

Unfortunately if your WhatsApp account is deleted or blocked then you can try method 2 and contact WhatsApp support in 2023 :


2. Contact WhatsApp support via your WhatsApp application (iPhone or Android)

Whatsapp settings


Second possible method if you can't recover your WhatsApp account by uninstalling/installing the mobile application:

Contact WhatsApp support via the WhatsApp application (iPhone or Android).

To do this, follow the steps below:

Open your WhatsApp application on your iPhone or Android.

Click on the 3 dots at the top right of your screen to access the WhatsApp Settings.

The Settings will open:

Whatsapp help


In Settings, you see "Account", "Discussions", "Notifications", "Help"...

Select "Help". :

contact Whatsapp


Under the heading 'Help' you have 'Help Centre' and above all 'Contact Us : Questions? Need help?

Click on "Contact Us: Questions? Need help?" to contact WhatsApp support.

You will see a contact form open: "Contact us".


contact Whatsapp iphone android


Now you need to fill in the WhatsApp "Contact Us" form:

1. Text field : Here you will describe your WhatsApp account deletion or blocking problem.

Here is a sample message to send to recover your WhatsApp account in 2023 (copy/paste)

"Hello, I can't connect to my WhatsApp account anymore.

Can you help me or give me an explanation?

This is the phone number that is blocked: AAAA Your name and surname "

With AAA = the phone number blocked by WhatsApp


2. Check the box: "Include device information (optional). technical details such as your device model or settings may help us answer your question."

By checking this box, your iPhone or Android sends phone information to WhatsApp.

Finally, click on "Next". then confirm sending the form to WhatsApp support

Note that WhatsApp will reply to you as a conversation directly in WhatsApp.

Be patient and wait at least 7 days before you get a response from WhatsApp regarding the recovery of your account.

If you do not receive a response from WhatsApp or if you are unable to contact WhatsApp via the WhatsApp mobile application (e.g. your phone is lost or stolen), you can try the third method:

Contact WhatsApp support on their website via your web browser:


3. Contact WhatsApp support via your web browser (contact form)

contact Whatsapp pc mac


Contact WhatsApp support directly on their website via this web form


Third possible method to recover your blocked WhatsApp account: contact support via your web browser (web form).

Open your web browser on iPhone, Android, PC or Mac: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet...

In the address bar of the web browser, go to this url :

You arrive at the WhatsApp support contact page and see a web contact form to fill in.

You fill in  carefully all necessary fields:

  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Confirm e-mail address
  • How do you use WhatsApp: Android, Iphone or Web and Desktop => enter your phone brand (Android or iPhone)

Once all the fields have been filled in, enter the description of your blocked account and confirm that you wish to send your form.

Normally WhatsApp will reply to the email address you entered.

Be patient and wait at least 7 days before you get a response from WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp does not respond to your email or does not unblock your WhatsApp account, go to the fourth method.

This method is to be used in case of last course and with no other options available.

You will need to change your number to create a new (unlocked) WhatsApp account.


4. Change your WhatsApp number

In 99% of cases you will not have no need to use this method to unblock your WhatsApp.

This is only in case WhatsApp has permanently banned and deleted your WhatsApp account.

This happens very rarely: if you have endangered the lives of others or have gone far beyond the rules of using WhatsApp.

In short, you have made a serious mistake or mistakes on WhatsApp! 🙁

At this point, the only way to use WhatsApp again is to use a new phone number to connect to WhatsApp.

You must therefore have a new number and open a new telephone line with Orange, Free, Bouygues Télécom, SFR, etc.

Once you have received your new number and your new SIM cardUse this number to connect to WhatsApp.

Normally you are considered a new user by WhatsApp and you can use the app normally.

This is a method to be used in case of extreme necessity!

Because you have to rebuild your entire WhatsApp account with your Contacts, Groups...

Brief start again at 0 on WhatsApp.

Good luck if it comes to that 😉



There are many possible reasons for blocking, banning or deleting your WhatsApp account in 2023.

Maybe you just lost your iPhone or Android with your WhatsApp account connected?

Don't panic, we have seen several methods to recover your WhatsApp account :

1. Uninstalling and reinstalling your WhatsApp application (iPhone, Android)

2. Contact WhatsApp support via the mobile application

3. Contact them via a (web) contact form

4. Change your phone number!

With these 4 methods, I guarantee you to recover your WhatsApp account.

I hope you won't need to use method 4 😉


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Do not hesitate to contact us contact if you have any comments or questions on the subject.

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