How to Resolve "Business accounts can't be private" on Instagram?

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You see an error "Business accounts cannot be private on Instagram in 2022?

Here is part 2 of the error message: "If you want your account to be private, please revert to a personal account first."

An Instagram business account gives you access to your Instagram profile and activity statistics.

READ: our guide to how to see the statistics on Instagram in 2022.

Stats will help you understand who is engaging with your business.

In addition, you will have access to the professional dashboard.

In the professional dashboard, you can track your performance and explore resources through Instagram.

If you have a personal Instagram account, you can make it private  - but what about a business account?

In this guide, you will learn whether a business account can be private on Instagram and how to correct "Business accounts cannot be private" by 6 quick and easy steps.

  • Can a business account be private on Instagram?
  • How do I solve the "Business accounts cannot be private" message on Instagram?

Article updated in April 2022


Can a business account be private on Instagram in 2022?

business accounts cannot be private


Business/professional accounts cannot be deprived on Instagram in 2022.

No, a business account cannot be private on Instagram.

According to Instagram, you can only set a personal account as private.

If you try to set a business account as private, you will get the error "Business accounts cannot be private".

Therefore, if you want to set your professional Instagram account as private, you must first turn it into a personal account.

Go to the next section to learn how to turn your business account into a personal account in 2022.


How to solve the "business accounts cannot be private" message on Instagram in 2022?

To solve the "Business accounts cannot be private" problem on Instagram, you need to convert your busines account to a personal account.

Once you have switched to a personal account, you will be able to set your account as private.

Indeed, business accounts cannot be defined as private.

To upgrade your Instagram account to a personal account, Go to your Instagram profile > Profile > Menu > Settings > Account > Change account type > Switch to personal account.

Finally, navigate to "Privacy" and activate "Private account".

Here's how to fix the "Business accounts can't be private" error on Instagram by 6 detailed steps (with screenshots) :


1. Go to your Instagram profile and open the Menu

Instagram profile and open the Menu


First, open the Instagram mobile app on your phone and log into your Instagram account.

The method applies to iPhone/iOS and phones Android Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomoi, Oppo, Realme...

Access your Instagram profile by typing on your profile picture in the bottom navigation bar.

Once you are on your Instagram profile, you must open the Menu (3 horizontal bars).

To open the menu, tap on the Menu icon in the top navigation bar.


2. Go to your Settings

Instagram settings


After tapping the Menu icon, the Menu opens.

The Menu contains several options.

These include "Settings", "Archives", "Your activity"...

To change your account type, you need to go to your Settings.

Select "Settings". to access the Settings page.


3. Select "Account".



After selecting "Settings", you will be taken to the Settings page.

The Settings page contains several options.

This includes "Privacy", "Security", "Payments"...

Scroll down and select on "Account". to access your account settings.


4. Select "Change account type".

Change your instagram account type



After selecting "Account", you will land on your Account Settings.

There are several options to choose from.

This includes "Synchronising contacts", "Sharing on other applications", "Using cellular data"...

At the bottom of the page, you will see 2 links: "Change account type" and "Add a new business account".

Choose "Change account type". to change your account type.


5. Select "Switch to a personal account".

Switch to a personal instagram account Switch to a personal account


After clicking on "Change account type", you will be presented with several options.

These include "Switch to a personal account" and "Switch to a Creator account".

To set your professional Instagram account as private, you must change to a personal account.

Indeed, Instagram business accounts cannot be set as private.

Select "Switch to a personal account". to switch to a personal account.


"When you revert to a personal account, the statistics provided in the application are disabled and the statistics of all your content, including your advertisements, are permanently deleted"

So be careful and think twice before switching to a personal account!


6. Switch to a private account

Switch to a private instagram account


Last step: after selecting "Switch to a personal account", you can set your account as private!

To do this, go to Settings > Privacy.

Under 'Account Privacy' you will see a 'Private Account' option.

Activate "Private account" and tap on "Go private". to set your Instagram account to private.

Now people will have to ask to follow your account.

And you have to accept them one by one in order to allow them to see your Instagram posts.

Since your Instagram account is a personal account, you will no longer get the error in 2022 "Business accounts can't be private"!

Well done; you've done it!



Please note: if you switch your Instagram business account to a private account, you lose access to your detailed statistics!

Think about this before you convert your account.

Note that you also lose all your stats history!

If you check your Instagram stats frequently, switching to a personal account on Instagram may be a bad idea.

If you don't check your statistics, you can switch to a personal account before setting it to private.

Indeed, you can revert to a business account at any time.


Other questions asked about Instagram in 2022


How do you go from a professional to a private Instagram account in 2022?

 To switch from a business account to a private Instagram account in 2022: go to Profile > Menu > Settings > Privacy > section 1. Account Privacy > Enable the Private Account option.

If you receive the error message "Business accounts cannot be private", you must change your professional/business account to a personal account using the 6-step guide above.


What is the difference between a normal account and a professional account on Instagram?

On Instagram, the normal account (or personal account) is the default Instagram account with limited functionality.

The professional Instagram account gives you access to additional features: detailed statistics of your publicationsactivity, hearings, impressions, commitment... 


Why should you make your Instagram account private?

Setting your Instagram account to private allows you to limit access to your account and posts and to select your followers.

This can be useful to protect your privacy or if you publish borderline content (NSFW Not Safe For Work) for example.

This will prevent you from being reported and suspended by Instagram for not following the community rules.



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