Beautiful TikTok Girls: Our Top 19 in 2023 (With Links!)

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You are looking for nice TikTok accounts to follow in 2022?

Good chicks" or pretty TikTok girls?

Don't move, you'll be served! 🙂

Please excuse this 'direct' language but if you are looking for TikTok accounts of nice girls to follow, it's here.

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Here is the list of 19 pretty girls' TikTok accounts :

This list was updated in July 2022.

Pretty TikTok Accounts: our top 19 (2022)

TikTok accounts are classified by Growing popularity From the smallest number of TikTok subscribers to the largest number of subscribers.

For each TikTok account you will find: the number of subscribers, the TikTok bio, the direct link to the TikTok account and a photo extract of 6 videos from the account to give you an idea of what to expect if you follow the account!

Here is the detailed list, from the position 20 to position 1 In descending order of number of subscribers:

The data was updated in July 2022


19. Sarah Lover

  • 282 100 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok pass on insta little beauty
    insta - sarahllovers 🧚♀️
    LOVE YOU (+280K) "
  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



18. karianna

  • 249000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok Venezolana en Panama🇻🇪🇵🇦
    Sígueme en Instagram: @annakarinarf 👆🏼 "
  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



17. Johana Cely

  • 1 100 000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok : "Háblemos por Instagram ☺️➡️
  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



16. Fabiola Carrion

  • 460 000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok : "📍GoiâniaMeta 500k 😜📬 Caixa Postal 25430 CEP: 74810-970

  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



15. Krystal



14. Bruna Lima



13. Daisykeech



12. lauren kettering

  • 6 500 000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok snap-lauren-kett
    I use laurenkettlecorn more🤓🫶🏼 "
  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



11. Charly Jordan

  • 8 000 000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok Here for fun 😆
  • Direct link to TikTok account:
  • Extract Photos :



TikTok good eggs: the Top 10 in 2022

Here is our ranking of 10 TikTok accounts of beautiful girls in 2022 :


10. Ellie Zeiler



9. annabananaxdddd



8. Nessa Barrett



7. Brooke Monk

  • 20 600 000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok : " ❤️Jesus forever❤️
    I'm not funny
    YouTube "
  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



6. Danielle Cohn

  • 19 300 000 subscribers on TikTok in 2022
  • Bio TikTok Your favorite person to hate🤪
    @BangEnergy Elite
    follow my brand 🥰 @feeldivine "
  • Direct link to TikTok account :
  • Extract Photos :



5. Baby Ariel



4. Loren Gray



Belles Filles TikTok: our Top 3 in 2022

The 3 prettiest and most popular girls' TikTok accounts in 2022 are :


3. Dixie D'Amelio



2. Addison Rae



1. Charli D'Amelio




You have had a good overview of beautiful girls TikTok to follow in 2022.

With this comprehensive list of 19 TikTok accounts of pretty and popular girls, you can access interesting accounts to follow.

In case of error or lack of information in this classification, please do not hesitate to contact us to report them to us.

And you will also be interested in our other such rankings in 2022:


Do not hesitate to contact us contact if you have any comments or questions on the subject.


Other questions asked about TikTok :

Who are the most beautiful TikTok girls in 2022?

The most beautiful TikTok girls in 2022 are numerous, here are 5 of them:

  • @addisonre (Addison Rae): 88.1M followers
  • @babyariel (Baby Ariel): 35.8 M followers
  • @lorengray (Loren Gray): 54.5 M subscribers
  • @daniellecohn (Danielle Cohn): 19.3M followers
  • @brookemonk_ (Brooke Monk): 20.6M followers

You will find 19 good TikTok chicks in our detailed ranking above.


How to access Tik Tok 18 in 2022?

There is no specific access for over 18s and adults on TikTok in 2022.

13 is the minimum age to create an account and access TikTok.

You can access TikTok for free without an account.


How to have Tik Tok on your account in 2022?

To have a TikTok account in 2022, 3 steps :

  1. Download the TikTok mobile application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  2. Open TikTok and select Profile
  3. Choose a registration method


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