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Since its creation in 2005, the YouTube streaming site has become a benchmark in its field. It remains one of the biggest applications for users wanting to share or simply view video content.

However, succeeding in standing out from the 100 million YouTube users is no mean feat. That's why many youtubers choose to buy youtube views or youtube subscribers for their channel. Here are some more explanations on the subject.


Top 5 platforms for buying YouTube views

Buying views is a very common marketing practice used by influencers (youtubers), companies and artists. It's a great help in helping them to emerge.

However, for buy youtube views for your YouTube channelIf you want to get more likes, likes or youtube subscribers, you need to do it securely on the right sites like Followerest or SocialBoss.

Here are 5 platforms that offer the safest services for buying views on YouTube:


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9.7 / 10 ⭐️



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8 / 10 ⭐️


Socail Provider

7 / 10 ⭐️


The Socail Booster

6.2 / 10 ⭐️


Followerest: the sales site you need for quality youtube views

The Followerest platform is the first in the top 5 best sites to offer services for selling video views, likes, comments or youtube subscribers. The services offered by the company cover a wide range of social networks, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, etc.


Key benefits of Followerest

First of all, the main objective of sites like Followerest is to provide prospects with a service and product of indisputable quality.

The Followerest site is therefore world-renowned for its many advantages.

  • Customers are promised total discretion and confidentiality.
  • No data is stored or shared.
  • Orders are very simple to place and, once received, are processed automatically after payment.
  • The high speed of delivery of purchased packs means that customers can quickly enjoy their purchase, thanks to the high security protocol in place.
  • The company will deliver the number of views, subscribers or likes to the recipient's channel in a completely natural way, so as not to arouse the suspicions of the YouTube algorithm.
  • Followerest's customer service is very well known and much appreciated by its customers. After the sale, its concern is to respond to every question and need of the customer throughout the collaboration. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Their payment system, as well as being multiple, is totally secure.
  • A money-back guarantee promised to customers in the event of loss of purchased views.


Rates for the most popular packages

On Followerest, buying youtube views depends on the number of views in the pack and the delivery time. Of course, the price increases with the number of views.

Packs range from 500 views (€4.39) to 100,000 (€439.99). The 5,000-view pack is much more popular. It is available for just 23.09 euros.


How can I buy Followerest services?

The order process on the followerest website is very simple. There are three stages to the purchase. The first is to choose a pack of views, likes and followers. The platform offers excellent value for money, and during promotional periods the prices are even more attractive.

The link or username that is to receive the purchase is then sent followed by the payment, which is initiated depending on the method chosen. There are enough of these, and Followerest also accepts bitcoin or other legal forms of cryptocurrency.

The order is then received by staff who will process it in-house and deliver it as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours.


Why opt for Followerest's youtube view buying service?

Youtube views enable video creators and youtubers to increase their visibility to the public.

So choosing to use a service that buys YouTube views, likes, comments or subscribers is a good marketing strategy that will make the brand, activity, music or simply the account that publishes the video more popular.

With Followerest, the views are good quality, real and active. They can generate an average of up to four minutes' viewing time for published videos. What's more, the site offers all these benefits to its customers at affordable rates, with bonuses for new buyers.

Followerest is also a French platform. It offers services specifically for the French (but also internationally) and prices are in euros. As a result, the company is highly regarded and appreciated by the French.



In the top 5 sites where you can buy cheap youtube views, likes or subscribers, SocialBoss is in 2nd place. This agency for buying virtual services such as youtube views or subscribers follows the example of its predecessor and works on several platforms.


What are the advantages of SocialBoss?

It offers enough advantages.

  • The view packages are real and reliable, so customers won't have to worry about their account being flagged.
  • Purchases are only delivered gradually to ensure that the video chain evolves smoothly.
  • The customer's account is protected by smart Delivery technologies.
  • Purchased services come with a 30-day guarantee.
  • Customer support is available at all times to meet customer needs.
  • The rates required for a purchase are fairly affordable for the applicant.
  • The views are real, with high retention on video and a ratio of 20 % on mobile and 80 % on computer.


Rates for the most popular packages on SocialBoss

At Social Boss, the 5,000 youtube views pack is the most purchased by customers and costs $32.99 to get. However, view packages are available from 500 views to 100,000 views, with prices ranging from $4.95 to $527.99.


What are the reasons for choosing this service?

Buying cheap youtube views, likes, subscribed users or youtube comments is a good marketing strategy that can be better exploited on a platform like SocialBoss. It is one of the sites where buying views is certainly reliable and of good quality.

The first concern is to increase the visibility of the chain video and to be on the first pages of the search engine, making this purchase on this site allows you to start business quickly and maximise your chances with the public.

Its team is responsible for providing real YouTube views on the account of the person concerned. These views come from real users of the social network who connect and use it. All that's needed is for the account not to be private, but open to all potential visitors.



Supremeboost is one of the sites that give high priority to selling cheap YouTube views. The same applies to likes and subscribers. Its aim is to enable prospects to buy views while remaining within an acceptable range for an average budget.


What are the benefits of Supremeboost?

To increase your visibility in the world of social media, buying youtube views on Supremeboost is also recommended. It is ranked 3rd in the top 5 sales platforms.

A purchase will have the effect of helping customers to increase their audience through services on YouTube, Instagram, Twich, TikTok, etc.

Here are a few of the site's strengths.

  • Ease of use of the site.
  • A password is not required to make a purchase.
  • Buying views or likes on YouTube is useful for increasing the exposure of an account that shares video content.
  • The prices offered by Supremeboost for the purchase of youtube views are quite attractive, with opportunities for promotion.


Rates for the most popular packages

At Supremeboost, it costs $32.99 to get 5,000 views. This is the most popular view package. Apart from that, there are many other packages, such as 100 youtube views for 2.19 dollars, 500 youtube views for 4.95 dollars and the largest, 100,000 youtube views for 527.99 dollars.


Why should you choose this service?

Buying views, subscribers or likes means you don't have to waste time looking for an audience.

This purchase generates views organically. The Supremeboost staff will guide the customer and enable them to enjoy their purchase quickly and over the long term.



Social provider is one of the purely French platforms, which is an advantage with users in France. This communications and marketing agency is also recommended for bloggers or artists looking to promote their music.

Packs start at 200 views and cost 2.20 euros. They can go up to 1,000,000 views. The company provides a high-quality product with a 30-day guarantee. What's more, delivery is anonymous and fast.


The Social Booster

For users who are new to sharing and creating video content, Social Booster can also increase traffic to a channel by selling these services.

It is last on the list of the best services for buying youtube views. It covers multiple social media, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

YouTube views at Social Booster can be purchased from 9.00 euros. The team places great emphasis on speed, security and quality of both order and delivery.


How can I increase my YouTube views?

Creating and sharing video content on YouTube can be tricky at first. In the eyes of potential subscribers, having enough views is a sign of the credibility and seriousness of your online business. To increase the number of views, here are a few tips that might help.


Good quality videos

This is a very important factor in increasing the number of views on your channel. A quality video, with the right amount of playback time, is more likely to interest visitors and therefore maximise the chances of getting more YouTube subscribers.


A catchy title and description

The title is the effigy of the account. It should be short and to the point. As for the description, it should briefly describe what the videos posted on the channel will be about. Using tags or optimising with relevant keywords is a good idea.


Promoting the YouTube channel on other social media

To boost your number of views, it's a good idea to recommend your YouTube channel.

Promoting the channel through a blog post on affiliated websites, a tweet or a Facebook post is a good way to stand out.

Subscribers can also share the youtube link. It's also a good idea to buy youtube views to quickly get noticed by your competitors.


Why buy YouTube views for your channel?

The usefulness of buying YouTube views or subscribers is well established.

It's the quick and cheap way to maximise your retention rate and number of followers.

Buying YouTube views, subscribers or likes will ensure your channel's rapid success.

The more a video is viewed by YouTube users, the more likely it is to go viral.

When a video is seen by everyone, it's a springboard for the channel, because credibility in relation to the audience is propelled to the top.

This is made possible by the algorithm.

Buying views is therefore a marketing strategy for extending the reach of a brand, music, etc.


Buying YouTube views: advantages and disadvantages

Buying YouTube views for your channel is a very useful propaganda strategy for getting your videos noticed. There are many advantages to using this service, but there are also a few disadvantages.


The advantages of buying views

  • Stand out as quickly as possible because the world attracts the world. Many users will visit the rest of the videos on the youtube channel, only when they see the views of a video.
  • Boost the channel's credibility, because a video with thousands of views is obviously more highly regarded by visitors.
  • Reinforce the social proof of the brand, company, artist or youtuber. A good social presence gives potential prospects confidence and makes them more likely to trust the products that may be offered for sale.
  • Stimulate the growth and success of the chain, especially in its early stages.
  • Be among the top video search rankings on YouTube.
  • Buying cheap views or youtube subscribers makes the video more likely to appear as a suggestion to internet users.
  • Prove the online credibility of activities, which shows the seriousness and expertise of the company or youtubers. Their opinions are respected.
  • Above all, allow influencers to earn a living from YouTube. A large number of views, likes, comments or subscribers attracts partnerships to promote products or services.


Possible disadvantages

Although there aren't many of them, there are a few risks involved in buying YouTube views. It's best to have an idea before making a purchase.

  • A risk of immediate banning of the youtube account if it is reported or if fraudulent activity is detected.
  • A drop or loss of views and, in turn, of the channel's credibility and reputation.
  • A risk of fraud.


How can I buy YouTube views?

Buying views on YouTube is quite simple, especially when the site is reliable, secure and offers quality services. All you have to do is visit one of the platforms, look at the packages available and make your choice according to your needs.

You will then need to proceed to payment of the order, without forgetting to mention the link where you can transfer the views purchased.

Finally, once the payment has been validated, all you have to do is wait for the delivery. This usually takes a few hours.


Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to buy YouTube views?

It is perfectly legal to buy views for your YouTube channel, provided that the site providing the services is also legal and complies with the rules for purchase and delivery.


Is it possible to detect the purchase of views on YouTube?

You can see the presence of purchased YouTube views. The first detail is when a channel with few subscribed users suddenly displays a video with over 5,000 views. The second is when there's a big difference between the number of views, the number of likes and the number of subscribers generated on the channel.


Are there any risks of being banned for buying YouTube views?

This can happen when the site inserts non-active views from robot accounts into the channel. It is therefore important to buy views from reliable platforms.


How much do YouTube view packages cost?

This depends on the quantity of views chosen. Prices range from a few euros to hundreds of euros.


How long does it take to receive a delivery of purchased views?

It depends on the number of views. A package of 500 views will only take a few hours, whereas a package of 1,000,000 views may take 2 or 3 days.


What impact do purchased views have on the ranking of videos on YouTube?

YouTube is programmed to highlight videos with the most views. Purchased views will then help the video to gain more visibility, especially if the content matches the number of views added.


Final verdict: what's the ideal site for a good YouTube view-buying service?

There are a number of sites where you can buy YouTube views. The low cost and speed of delivery are just some of the advantages.

The Followerest website is one of the top services for buying views for video content. The platform meets customers' needs by combining security and quality in the sale of its services.

Buying views or even youtube subscribers on this site has the effect of boosting the beneficiary's videos so that they are trending and appear in the news feed.



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